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Notable Cases

Patterned Concrete Mississauga Inc v. Bomanite Toronto Ltd.

Successfully bought an action for copyright infringement relating to improved business forms.

Goodwill Industries International Inc. v. Vedett IP Corporation

Successfully represented Goodwill Industries International, Inc. in a trademark opposition and prevented a third party from registering trademarks for various financial services which contained the word GOODWILL

Eli Lilly & Company v. O’Hara Manufacturing Ltd.

Successfully argued on appeal that a patent specification should be given a purposive construction and that the defendant had not infringed. This decision of the Federal Court of Appeal was applied in many subsequent cases in the Federal Court and eventually affirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada.

IT Hartford Life Insurance Co. of Canada v. American National Assurance Life Company

Successfully argued that a defendant could deny the existence of copyright when the statement of claim relied on a certificate of registration so long as sufficient material facts were pleaded. 

Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited v. 849075 Alberta Ltd. and other similar cases

Successfully used the uniform domain name dispute resolution policy to require that a number of domain names owned by cybersquatters be transferred. 

Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited v. P.S. Partsource Inc.

Obtained confirmation from the Federal Court of Appeal that hearsay evidence was unacceptable in trademark expungement proceedings

Accessoires D’Autos Nordiques Inc. v. Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited

Successfully used survey evidence to overturn a decision of the Trademarks Opposition Board and helped clarify the standard of review relating to such appeals when the decision was affirmed by the Federal Court of Appeal.

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